Social Merging

Synergizing distinct nature and interests of various parties

Social merging is an internet supported marketing principle, technically systematized by Igi Fischer.

How it works:

A "social merger" (with a certain motive) involves a minimum of three parties (each with different motives) in an interaction ("social merge") that results in a positive fulfillment of all involved's particular motives (all-win).

Explained by an example:

Social Merger

Social Merger can be an internet application such as Aid QR, HitGix or something similar.


Party 1 can be an organisation, an institution, an important free internet app, a value or a global problem that requires certain funds (urgently).

Party 2 can be e.g. any internet user who supports Party 1 or appreciates their service but is actually not willing to anyhow contribute pecuniarily.

Party 3 can be corporations/ sponsors/ givers who firstly are capable to provide the scale of means that really help Party 1 and, secondly, want to bond with Party 2 by organically transmitting the subtext: "We support what is important to you".


Party 1 need funds.

Party 2 want to help and feel good about positive effects of their help.

Party 3 want to be perceived as good (by Party 1 and Party 2) for providing the funds that facilitate positive effects.

Social Merger want to e.g. earn commissions for their professional services.

Interaction ("social merge")

The Social Merger provide (as e.g. Aid QR does) an internet platform or app whereby Party 2 can "trigger" Party 3 to provide funds to Party 1. This can be accomplished by any simple interaction such as scanning a QR code or clicking a certain link, button or banner; to be branded by Party 3.


Party 1 "win" the funds they need.

Party 2 "win" the good feeling about themselves by being the force behind the financial support for Party 1.

Party 3 "win" because they could enhance their corporate image by being perceived as pecuniary supporter of a cause that is important for Party 1 and Party 2 (even for anyone).

The Social Merger "win" the commission for merging the parties, providing infrastructure and administrating "the whole thing".

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